“The happiest memories”

Kre-Art «The happiest memories»

It was planned that she’ll publish nice quote, but she was asked today: «What’s your happiest memory?»

This question seems to be the easiest in a world, but it made her think. Flashbacks from the memory started to appear slowly, like priceless things taken one by one from an old box. Precious moments hidden deep inside, so deep that it seemed that they were forgotten:

♡ Summer…

– First journey to the sea with her family by car. She pretended to sleep but in fact secretly admired city’s night-lights;

– Home, where she was born. She’s entering in her room and seeing on her bad the long waited gift from her parents – Barbie doll in a beautiful package;

– Too warm. She’s eating ice-cream on the back seat with her best friend, and her dad drives too fast like always. Сar’s windows are opened and wind takes the breath away;

– Night, she’s on a swing with her best friend, wind, freedom;

– Best friend, street racer, first drift, night MKAD, the speed more than 120 km;

– Day of the city. An accident meeting with another best friend, the rain, her favourite coffee, she’s hiding behind his back, he’s telling her that she’ll always be his family and he’ll be by her side;

– Night, water can’t be seen cause of darkness, height, jump and freedom;

– River, friends, sun, he’s taking her in his arms, run to water, water plashes, happiness;

– Costa Brava. Night. Full moon. She’s going to the terrace and sees her friends, they are going to the room, talking and laughing till the morning;

– Positano. Terrace. She’s talking with her mom, the Italian wine on the table, and her constellation is shining just above them.

♡ Spring…

– Sun, snowbanks are melting taking fantastical forms. She’s competing with her mom who’s gonna named more things those forms remind to;

– First-time driving, feeling of speed and freedom;

– Talk and music. It’s dark outside. They are going out and it’s snowing in May. He put her like a kid on his shoulders and carrying her like this till home;

– Night, party, they are sitting on the floor, he’s whispering «thank you»;

– Water surface, city’s night-lights on the opposite side, height, cigarettes, music, «stay?», bite;  

– Long-awaited meeting with girls, whiskey, dancing on the roof top; panorama of the city and again – freedom;

– Arrival in Paris and Eiffel Tour with lights;

– Rio de Janeiro. The dream came true. First ascent of a mountain, overcoming of the fear, freedom. Visit of Christ the Redeemer and happy tears.

♡ Winter…

– Clean snow. The coldest morning. She’s going to a hill instead of school with her best friend. They put summer shoes and, with a running, start go down;

– Waterfall, the place of their first meeting. He goes down on one knee – “Will you marry me”?

♡ And of course all her returning home while she was waiting her, her soul…

She remembered all this and a lot more, the images are changing so fast like in kaleidoscope and she’s smiling because against everything and everyone she’s happy.