✭ Abkhazia is a partially recognized state in the South Caucasus!
✭ Receiving visa isn’t too difficult: you need to feel in the papers on the official website of ministry of foreign affairs (http://mfaapsny.org/en/consular-service/permission/) and wait one week to receive a permission!
✭ You can rent a room/an apartment from locals!
✭ About people: they are kind, open-minded, polite and they respect everyone and everything around them!
✭ Abkhazia has everything: sea; wild nature with mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes; local tasty vine; restaurants; fruits; animals; monuments; caves; gardens and a lot more!
✭ The places I visited : Gagra colonnade, New Athos Monastery, New Athos Cave, Lake Ritsa, Pitsunda, Waterfall Girl’s Tears, Waterfall Men’s Tears, Gega waterfall, Milky waterfall, Yupsharsky canyon, Ritsinskiy Relic National Park, Aatsynskoye gorge!
✭ Emotions and memories after visiting this place will stay for all life!