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Extract from “Her majesty the cat” by Bernard Werber


I really want to be capable of reading.

The thing I miss the most in my life is probably the reading. I can’t explain how badly I want to be able to understand all those letters located in the pages and forming the words. I wish I could understand at least one of those beautiful long texts that tell a story.

It seems that some people just need to turn the page to see, like by miracle, all characters, decorations, locations and even to hear the sounds, voices and music. It’s so tempting.

Let’s be the dreamers – after I’ll learn to read perfectly why not to learn how to … write!

No, stop laughing, please, I’m sure that I’ll reach my goals one day. Anyway for now I’m too far from making my dreams come true so I prefer to be reasonable and using my actual abilities even if they are still a bit limited. I can’t tell you my story in the book but I’m happy I can mewing it to you. You won’t be my readers but you’ll be my listeners.

Prick up your ears and string up your whiskers to be concentrate enough and to be ready to join the circle of those who know. After I’ll finish my story you must to tell it to your kittens so it’ll live and you’ll became a “cat-teller”. One day some of you  who’ll be still remembering my story and finally learn to write will put it in the book.  

First of all remember this:

Everything that has never been told will be forgotten.

And everything that was forgotten it’s like it never existed.  Telling a story means to make it immortal.

I understood how the world works after I understood people and especially amazing “The Encyclopedia of Absolute and Relative Knowledge” written by Wells.