Lope de Vega

“The Dog in the Manger”

Teodoro is the secretary of the haughty countess Diana. He’s dating with her maid – Marcela. Diana found out that Teodoro and Marcela are dating and understand that she’s in love with him. She wanted to tell Teodoro about her feelings but she decided not to cause she knows that they can’t be together due to their different social status. At the same time she wrote a love letter for him. Teodoro read it and understood everything. They started to be closer, but Diana can’t decide what she wants and pushed Teodoro away and when again moved closer to him. Teodoro and Marcela split up, when Diana and her beloved argued and one of Diana’s suitors became a witness of that. After that the suitors decided to eliminate Teodoro and asked Tristan to do that. Instead of doing that he tells Teodoro everything and come up with a new plan. Tristan manages to fabricate a lineage for Teodoro of noble origin – the dead son of count Ludovico. Diana is happy even if she knows that it’s a lie cause now they can be together.