The literature galaxy 📖 ✍️

THE passion of my life. I started to write when I was 6 years old, it was a little story for school about a bird, my teacher liked it and cried !

So I started to write poems, tales and novels. At the same time I participated in literary contests and my classmates stole my essays.

Of course I read classic all the time. First book was « The Thorn Birds » my mom was worried because she thought I was too young (8 years old) to understand this book, but gladly it wasn’t a case. I read 1 book every 3/4 days.

Getting older, finishing 2 universities at the same time, having professional life all this had an impact to my ability to write cause I simply didn’t have enough time. Still I never completely stopped, so I wrote poems and shorts stories, and of course I never stopped to read.

My goal is to read at least one book of every great writer and to finish my novel that I started 10 years ago.

Be capable to create a strong emotions in people using only words it’s a true gift.