Lope de Vega “The Dog in the Manger”

“Sleep on a secret? Very wise, I’m sure” – Diana
“Marriage is Love’s proper aim” – Diana
“Marcela has no defects I could think of; I won’t forget her” – Teodoro
“My love, though, springs from jealousy” – Diana
“Since I would be loved, that love I should, yet neither yield, nor offer a defence” – Diana
“Such jealousy must still have had a source, and that was love” – Teodoro
“Since your kinsfolk approve my purpose, only your approval is needful, madam, to sustain my hope” – Ricardo
“If i acknowledged what I hope is true, I’d seem to claim much more than is my due” – Teodoro
“Women aren’t made of stone” – Diana
“Love has a master key and laughs at locksmiths” – Dorotea
“All handsome women are haughty” – Federico
“Handsome is, as handsome does” – Leonido
“Love fears no danger when it’s aroused by jealousy and anger” – Marcela
“It won’t be truly love unless she wants to” – Fabio
“All of those who fall in love, can, if they will, as easily fall out, and so shall I” – Diana
“Hopes conjured from the air, to air return; the unworthy rise, but fall; they soar, but burn” – Teodoro
“Love is nobly born” – Teodoro
“Love’s aroused by jealousy” – Diana
“But he who chooses not to have greatness thrust upon him, may remain a fool” – Diana
“You’re like the dog in Aesop’s fable” – Teodoro
“You’re angry if I love you, or I don’t”
“My hopes of joy are all reduced to sorrow” – Ricardo
“Let it take its course, and see how things turn out” – Tristan