On request

Kre-Art can make the articles of Fimo clay on request.
Please, use the contact form to make an order. Please, indicate what type of article you are interesting in.
The creation will take about 2 days, Kre-Art will sent you the photos of your product after the work is finished. If you are satisfied with a result it’s necessary to make a payment before the shipping.
The price and the way of shipping will be discussed with you.
The shipping for Europe made by the post service. The price of shipping depends on weight, the minimum price is 6 euros.
The price of the product will be the same if you choose one of the type of products in form of the animal presented on the Website (for instance, necklace “Cat” or earrings “Dog”). In all other cases the price will be higher and will be discussed with you.
It’s possible to add 1-3 the Swarovski crystals (the quantity of crystals depend on the type of figurine). The price is 1 euro.
NB Articles made of Fimo clay are fragile and require the careful attitude.